• Drama, Science Fiction, War
  • 1h 48m

Set in Eastern Ukraine in the near future, 2025 to be exact, Atlantis is director Valentyn Vasynaovych’s imagination of the aftermath of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. In the unforgiving lap of a desert that has been ravaged by war, this military drama follows Sergiy, a former soldier suffering from PTSD having trouble assimilating back into society.

As he struggles to navigate a life in pieces and a land in ruins, he is forced to improvise once again when he loses his smelting job. Things take a turn when he meets the alluring Katya and joins the volunteer Black Tulip mission who work to exhume the corpses of dead soldiers. But is it meant to last?

Not only does this film tackle issues like mental health and trauma, it is also a scathing investigation of the far-reaching environmental and economic impacts of war, to the point where swathes of land can become entirely inhabitable.

Venice International Film Festival 2019: Best Film in the Horizons section

Toronto International Film Festival 2019

International Film Festival of Rotterdam 2020

Ukraine’s official Oscar entry for the Best International Feature Film category.







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Director Valentyn Vasyanovych introduces the film