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Documentary 1h 37m 2020

Yangji Village is a century-old village located in the center of Guangzhou, and is where Azhong’s home is located. In 2009, the authorities begin the forced relocation of all villagers in the name of urban transformation. After several stand-offs the residents are eventually compelled to compromise and accept unfair terms imposed by the government. One villager by the name of Li Jie does not get fair treatment, and plunges to her death from the top of her building. Yet Azhong decides to fight on, and ensure that so long as he remains, so does his home. From then on he never leaves the house. He barricades every floor and is ready to fight off the underworld ruffians hired by developers. In the blink of an eye, the once densely built-up village is demolished, Azhong’s home the sole building left standing. At this time he and his family have been battling for more than a year. The government has lost patience negotiating with him, and besides cutting off the water and electricity, has sent underworld thugs to create disturbance and damage his home in the middle of the night. Azhong has to stay up every night to fight them off. During the day he makes bombs which he sets in every room as well as at the entrance, and keeps the detonator with him at all times. The cutting off of water and electricity makes the life of the family ever more difficult, and Azhong at last decides to let his wife and children move away, and keeps his guard alone. His 7-year-old son finds an old camera in one of the rooms, and starts taking pictures of the house every day to preserve his memory.