TWO OF US (2019)

  • Drama, Romance
  • 1h 35m

Nina and Madeline are two retirees who have been secretly in love for decades. Posing as neighbours to the outside world, they traipse in out with ease. Trouble brews in paradise when Madeleine’s daughter stumbles upon the truth about their relationship.

Featuring fantastic set and production design, ‘Two of Us’ subverts the classic family drama as it is narrated through the codes of suspense and thriller. It also delves into family dynamics and the complexity of the protagonists’ life choices and their inability to completely own them.

The film invites us to complicate our understanding of desire and how the gaze of others can mediate and censor it.

Toronto International Film Festival 2019

BFI London Film Festival

International Film Festival of Rotterdam

France’s official Oscar entry for the Best International Feature Film category







Bonus Content

Director Filippo Meneghetti introduces the film

Director Filippo Meneghetti introduces the film